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Dan Richards: Motorcycle Collision Survivor & Amputee

Meet Dan Richards, an ex-patient of Eoin’s who lost his right arm and shoulder in a traffic accident 9 years ago. His story of recovery and his imperturbable attitude is inspiring. He summed it up perfectly with, “…whatever you want in life, you must work hard for it. Even if you don’t get it, you can still hold your head high and say, ‘Well, at least I did not give up,’ and while there is no shame in giving up, there is no success in it either.”

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Key Points From This Episode:

  1. 1:50 Introducing today’s guest and topic.

  2. 5:40 Dan’s memory of the accident.

  3. 10:45 Dan talks about his military experience.

  4. 16:45 The recovery after the injury.

  5. 19:30 Job hunting after finishing his service in the army.

  6. 32:10 Dan talks about his unique and positive recovery pathway.


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