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The Medics.Academy Community

Welcome to the Medics.Academy Educator Community Resource website. Being part of the Medics.Academy Community gives you the opportunity to gain insight into the world of technology-enhanced learning, gain access to a variety of teaching opportunities and provides unique experience working within a MedEd tech start-up company. In addition, the community allows you to network with high-profile professionals with similar interests - all while enabling you to develop your CV and raise your professional profile. 

Everyone who delivers a learning event is invited to the community. Those who contribute five or more learning events are recognised as an Honorary Medics.Academy Educator and given access to an exclusive benefits package. 

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'We are striving to change the shape of online healthcare education and lead it into the future'

Dr. Johann Malawana

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

National leadership roles in healthcare for 15 years and board-level experience.


Between teaching opportunities for F|Docs and S|Docs, becoming a course provider, and the Medics.Academy Fellows Programme, there are a range of opportunities to get involved.

Home: About Me
Home: About Me

The Educator Tier Structure is designed to create our educator community with a pathway, providing support, reward and recognition for those who contribute learning resources to Medics.Academy. 


Meet Our Community

Find out more about our Community members and their involvement with Medics.Academy.

Home: About Me


Access a variety of training opportunities to develop your professional profile. 

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We want to recognise your invaluable contributions to medical education with a personalised certificate. 

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