Training Opportunities

The Medics.Academy Community provides unique opportunities to develop your skill set, extend your network and further your interests in the future of healthcare and medical education. Find out about the ways in which you can develop your professional profile on this page. 

Discounted Medics.Academy Content

Community educators have access to 10% off a selection of Medics.Academy products. If you qualify to become an Honorary Medics.Academy Educator, you gain access to the educator bundle - a series of Medics.Academy courses relevant to your training - please click here for full details.


Please email us to gain access to your community discount code.


Medics.Academy, together with our partners at The Healthcare Leadership Academy were proud to host The Healthcare Leadership Academy Fourth Annual Conference, held in November 2020.

This virtual conference, 'Leading Through Difficult Times', brought together a group of interesting individuals from across healthcare, social enterprises, the charity sector, business and technology to showcase examples of leadership amongst the next generation of healthcare professionals. If you missed the event, it is still available to watch! Click here for part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 of this fascinating event. 

Educational Events


The Healthcare Leadership Academy

The Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) wants to give as many people as possible a voice and platform to get their ideas out on how to improve healthcare systems.

To Build a Leader podcast explores the world of leadership, using anecdotes, research and experiences to delve into the skills they’ve found to be essential to leadership in every walk of life. Click here to access this podcast.

HLA Live is a series of weekly discussion events which hosts conversations with individuals across healthcare and wider society. This will be discussing interesting concepts and how healthcare systems will change over the next generation. HLA Live gives clinicians access to some of the most interesting thought leaders around - click here to join the discussion. 


Extend your network

Our Community Slack Channel is a brilliant place to network and connect with high profile professionals with similar interests. It is a space for creative discussion and personal development, with regular articles posted in #thereadinglist channel, on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and healthcare. Click here to join the discussion!


The Fellowship Programme

Our Educator Community are welcome to apply to the Medics.Academy Fellowship Programme.


Click here to find out more about the Fellowship Programme. 


Training in Teaching

Training in Teaching is a virtual course run by Medics.Academy, that will deliver medical education training. The course counts as points towards specialty application scores for medical, surgical and other specialty training programmes, with a certificate issued upon completion of the course. To find out more about this course, please click here.


Those who qualify to be an Honorary Senior Medics.Academy Educator (tier 2) are entitled to a £50 voucher towards this course.