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Meet Our Community


Dr. Adam Collins

Dr Adam Collins is an Anaesthetics Trainee in the East Midlands with aspirations in Prehospital Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. He came to the specialty circuitously, via experience in both Acute and Emergency Medicine and has spent time as a simulation fellow and worked at national and local levels in the BMA on pay, contracts, and negotiations. He is interested in simulation in all its forms, and in encouraging and facilitating portfolio careers in medicine. At Medics.Academy, he runs and delivers the Virtual Simulation sessions within the F|Docs programme alongside Dr Hiba Khan. 

Dr. Sida Mao

Sida is currently a Junior Clinical Fellow in Critical Care Medicine. He graduated from St Georges University of London and prior to that completed a Masters of Chemistry at the University of Southampton. He is a HLA alumni from the first 2018/19 Newcastle Cohort. Since then, he has been continuously involved in various projects and events for both the HLA and Medics Academy. He has a great passion for developing learning resources to ensure foundation doctors are well prepared for any situation in the clinical setting.

During his foundation training, he has a held a variety of leadership roles ranging from being the Deputy Chair of the Yorkshire Regional Junior Doctors Committee to being Chair of the sell-out International HLA Conference in 2019. During his time at medical school, he was the Team Leader of the South West London team for Street doctors as well as enjoying being actively involved in teaching and research.

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Dr. Clare van Hamel

Clare is the Severn Foundation School Director and a Consultant Anaesthetist; she conceived the National Foundation Doctors Presentation Day in 2010 and which continues in 2021. Her research interest is the preparedness to practice of F1s and she has undertaken UK wide induction surveys for a decade trying to improve how we support graduates in the transition to F1.

Dr. Yusuf Karmali


Yusuf is a Medics.Academy Programme Manager, Clinical Lead for the Medics.Academy Fellows Programme and a Foundation Year doctor, graduated from Barts and The London School of Medicine. Throughout medical school, Yusuf was awarded numerous prizes for outstanding academic achievement and he delivered high-quality peer-teaching through student-led societies, in which he held various positions of leadership.


His passion for education led to him joining Medics.Academy in July 2018, where he started as a fellow and lead author on the clinical genetics course. He went on to become a member of the Medics.Academy team this year this year as a Clinical Programme Manager and then has been the Clinical Lead on the highly successful Medics.Academy Fellowship Programme. He is also part of the F|Docs Faculty where he leads teaching sessions for foundation year doctors, and also enjoys teaching medical students as part of the S|Docs Programme. His other interests include medical technology and health policy.

Anna Harvey


Anna returned her final year of medical school at King’s College London in August 2020 having spent the last year working full time at the BMJ as Editorial Scholar, where she oversaw all the content the BMJ produces for students, including podcast Sharp Scratch. She has a longstanding interest in medical education and was a founding member of the National Medical Students Widening Participation Working Group. At Medics.Academy, she has worked in various roles via the Fellowship programme, including overseeing the blog, writing courses and more recently leading on the S|Docs education programme for medical students.


Her clinical interests are in pregnancy and complex social factors, maternal and foetal medicine and assisted reproduction and she is President of the British Undergraduate Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Outside of medicine, Anna can usually be found in one of London’s independent music venues or running somewhere very slowly.

Dr. Hiba Khan


Hiba is the Director of Programmes at Medics.Academy and is also an HLA scholar. Her background is in entrepreneurship and innovation as well as medicine. She is heavily involved in quality improvement, teaching and medtech at Exeter hospital, won the Outstanding Trainee of the Year award in both her F1 & F2 years and was also the British Medical Association Representative for the trust. In addition to these roles she is a health advisor to Barnet Refugee Service and was the National Teaching and Curriculum Director for Friends of Irise International. Over the past year Hiba has won four awards for research and performance in her clinical roles and a gold medal in regional weightlifting.

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Dr. Abi Pomeranc

Abi is a Foundation Year 3 Doctor at University Hospital Sussex. Having started her Medics.Academy journey as a Fellow, she is now Community Manager, part of the Fellowship Programme Faculty and Summer 2021 Fellowship Cohort Director as well as the proud designer of this website!


Throughout her time at Barts and The London School of Medicine, she was awarded numerous awards for academic excellence and she graduated with Proxime Accessit to the University of London Gold Medal. She is passionate about medical education, enjoying delivering lectures and being a mentor as part of the F|Docs Faculty.

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Mr James Olivier

James is a specialist registrar in General Surgery at ST5 level in the South West of England. He has interests in medical education, leadership and management. He sits on several regional and national committees as well as faculty on national surgical courses. Outside of work he enjoys running and playing the drums.

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