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Ben Clarke (Part 1): Leadership Techniques in Pre-Hospital Care

In part 1 of our conversation with Ben Clarke (Assistant medical director of London Ambulance Service), we talk about leadership in pre-hospital care. What’s more important – a good leader, or a good team willing to follow? Can you teach leadership or does it only come from experience? Can you be born a leader? How do you empower different types of staff on-scene? Join us as we explore the nature of leadership in pre-hospital care.

Key points from this episode

  1. 02:45 Beyond the buzzword – What is leadership?

  2. 07:00 Can we teach leadership? Does it need to come from experience alone?

  3. 10:00 How do you teach how to make others feel safe in stressful situations?

  4. 11:15 What’s more important, the ability to lead or the team’s willingness to be lead?

  5. 15:15 Eat the meat and spit out the bones.

  6. 18:15 How do you get honest feedback from your team?

  7. 22:20 Sharing vulnerability as a leader.

  8. 23:40 The energy investment model and how to empower each of the four energy investment types.

  9. 30:25 Is it possible to empower the attitudinal victim?

  10. 34:20 The concept of “micro-teams”.

  11. 37:30 The emotional challenges of arriving on scene early as advanced care.


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