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Ben Clarke (Part 2): Deliberate Practice in Pre-Hospital Care

You never know when that “nightmare job” or patient is going to appear and put you to the test. As clinicians, we should be always attempting to push our push our skills closer to perfection. In this episode, Ben Clarke shares his insights into deliberate practice, in-time learning, and meta-cognition.

Key points from this episode

  1. 01:00 What is deliberate practice?

  2. 03:00 The nuts and bolts of high-quality practice.

  3. 04:20 The importance of calm, real-time teaching.

  4. 07:40 How to quantify the non-technicals of deliberate practice.

  5. 09:45 Meta-cognition and understanding yourself.

  6. 13:40 Developing how to you come across as a leader.

  7. 14:45 Have you ever stopped yourself and changed tack mid-job?


Add this episode to your CPD by signing up to the Pre-Hospital Care Season 2 “proof of learning” course.

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