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Episode 07: Self-Care and Dealing with Trauma with Dan Davis (Part 1)

The paramedic field is much more fast-tracked than it once was. It’s such an established path that many new paramedics have come straight from the classroom, and are being thrown into situations that a professional of any seniority would find it difficult to handle.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that the mental health of people working in emergency healthcare is getting worse over time. What can be done?

In this episode, we talk about: 

  1. The Parity of Esteem

  2. How bad the problem currently is according to recent surveys

  3. Tools for dealing with your own mental/emotional turmoil

  4. The strange ways this job affects how we react to personal tragedy in our own lives

  5. What to do if you recognise that a colleague, especially one who is less experienced, might have been strongly affected by a high-acuity job

  6. Some likely reasons to explain why this issue is getting worse in emergency care

  7. What ought to be done to help at a governance level, as well as on an individual level in our own careers

Further Education

If you want to prepare as best you can for a situation where it’s on your shoulders to revive an infant in front of its parents, Will Broughton’s course, Essential Paediatric Assessment, is a great resource.

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