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Mark Faulkner: Defanging the Coroner’s Court for Paramedics

In this episode of the pre-hospital care podcast, we welcome Mark Faulkner, an advanced paramedic practitioner, to unpack the often daunting legal world that paramedics are exposed to. Although appearing in a coroner’s court can seem very adversarial, we learn that more than anything, it is an attempt on the coroner’s part to increase transparency and provide clarity to the deceased’s family.

Key points from this episode

  1. 00:24 Introducing Mark Faulkner

  2. 02:54 Common errors

  3. 08:20 Coroner’s report and PRF notes

  4. 18:24 Advocate of the patient

  5. 23:47 Reasonable and Responsible body of clinical practice

  6. 27:35 Take home points


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