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Medics.Academy Team Joins Forces with Genomes Partners

Growing our Virtual Laboratories in Hospitals all over the world.

Medics.Academy is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the team at The partnership is aimed at expanding the utilisation of Virtual Laboratories in healthcare institutions worldwide.

At Medics.Academy, our primary focus is to develop technology to enhance healthcare education and address the global healthcare workforce crisis. In addition to our core educational work, we offer innovative healthcare technology solutions to organisations worldwide. We are delighted to work collaboratively with to scale the availability of Virtual Laboratories across the world.

“We are truly excited to partner with the highly skilled team at Medics.Academy. They possess a profound understanding of the current challenges faced by medical professionals worldwide. We believe that through our collaboration, we can significantly contribute to promoting equitable and transparent usage of genomic data”,

said Aldo de Pape, CEO of GenomesDAO.

Dr. Johann Malawana, CEO of Medics.Academy, expressed his delight, stating,

“We are thrilled to join forces with as we strive towards a future where high-quality healthcare is accessible to all individuals.”

The teams will make further announcements about their collaborative work over the coming weeks.

Find out more about here –

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