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Pre-Hospital Care Podcast Episode 03: The Pre-Hospital Airway (Part 1)

We are back this week to discuss the ever more challenging process of prehospital airway management. In this podcast, we will delve ever deeper into this controversial topic and discuss the unique challenges that can present themselves to paramedics as well as analysing some of the more recent paper-based research on the topic.

  1. How do the challenges of airway management in the field compare to what we are taught in the classroom?

  2. Why outdated practices such as ‘sniffing the morning air’ could do more harm than good and the evidence base behind our current management strategies

  3. How do we implement the airway management pathway out in the prehospital environment?

  4. How to perform technical aspects of the airway management pathway such as intubation and ventilation

If you’d like more development material in the area of paramedic medicine, pre-hospital care, and trauma care, go to the Medics.Academy course library and select “Paramedic Medicine” from the drop-down menu.

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