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Your Personalised Certificate

We would like to recognise your invaluable contributions to medical education by offering a personalised certificate. Any learning event delivered with Medics.Academy will be recognised with a certificate. Please click here for the full list of learning events and details of the educator tier structure. 

Unless you are eligible for tier 3 benefits, certificates will only be issued in recognition of teaching or educational events, it will not recognise attendance at Medics.Academy events.


Please note this form should not be used to request a certificate for recognition of the Training in Teaching course or other Medics.Academy qualifications.


If you have completed more than one learning event, please complete the form for each learning event and you will be emailed individual certificates for each one of your achievements.

Please complete the certificate request form with details of your learning event and your certificate will be sent to the email provided within a monthPlease contact us with any questions about your certificate.

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