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Frances Day-Stirk: Tackling Nursing Deficits with Learn & Return Schemes

In this podcast, Frances Day-Stirk shares her views on the learn and return schemes for nurses between Commonwealth countries and the NHS. Day-Stirk uses her own personal experiences to reflect on the issues and provides recommendations to overcome the nursing deficit.

Key points from this episode

  1. 00:23 Background of the Problem

  2. 02:03 Day-Stirk’s Story

  3. 04:33 Learn and Return Scheme for Jamaica

  4. 07:26 Bilateral Training

  5. 09:52 Who is at Fault for Deficiency

  6. 11:48 Issues with the Learn and Return Scheme

  7. 12:45 THET Role in Tackling the Issues


Download and listen on your favourite platform:

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