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How We Joined the WISE Accelerator

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Back in April of this year, the team at Medics.Academy burst into fresh activity. Johann had found out about the WISE accelerator programme for initiatives that have global ambitions in education. Perfect for us! The deadline for 2019 applications was fast approaching, so we got to work.

How we crafted our pitch video

A pitch video breaks down into three primary components. First, you must convey the problem you’re tackling. The problem is the core purpose of a company or project. The solution can (and should) change as factors shift and new information comes to light.

Second, explain the solution that you are deploying against the problem. Why this solution is the one you’ve settled on, and how you plan to implement it going forwards.

Thirdly, you must demonstrate why your team will succeed. What assets, experience, and network does your team have at its disposal?

In an afternoon we had the basic storyboard. Using old footage and new animations, we created the pitch video and submitted it in time. We have cut the end of the video off before making it available to the public, so forgive us for the sudden ending…

Well done to Alessio Taranto and Peter Walker for their hard work editing this video in such a short span of time. The purpose of a pitch video is to download a full understanding of who you are, what you’re doing, and why, into the head of anyone who watches it. Alessio and Peter created a video that does just that in under two minutes!

The WISE Accelerator for Initiatives in Education

WISE stands for World Innovation Summit for Education. Based in Qatar, WISE connects and promotes initiatives on the forefront of education innovation.

Check out their YouTube channel for more on the initiatives they’ve supported in the past. We’re thrilled to be a part of this community.

Our mission is to solve the global workforce crisis in healthcare. Our solution is to use scalable technologies to create efficient programmes for large disseminated populations. We’ve demonstrated it can be done and that our model works. We hope we can bring value to the table of the WISE network.

Over the coming year, we will write more about our experiences as a fast growth scaling business with the hope that others will be inspired to either help us solve our mission, or find your own mission you want to drive forward.

Keep a look out next week when we’ll carry on with our series on applying to the Academic Foundation Programme, covering interview skills.

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