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Jo Wilmshurst: Creating an Ethical, Scalable, and Sustainable Healthcare Training System in Africa

Professor Jo Wilmshurst tells us about her work as the Director of the African Paediatric Fellowship Programme at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.

One of the most challenging ethical dilemmas in global healthcare training is that when you train someone from a resource-starved area in a place that’s much better off, the tendency is either to remain or go to another resource-equipped area instead of returning to where they are needed most.

Jo Wilmshurst and her team have developed a training programme that works closely with their trainees and the partner institutions from which trainees are sent to ensure that all parties benefit, instead of enticing talented young healthcare workers away from where their homeland where they are most needed. The programme empowers healthcare professionals to not only meet their own goals, but to start their own training programmes in their native countries if they so choose.

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