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Medics.Academy Joins the Prestigious PWC Business Network

Just over a week ago, Johann (Medics.Academy CEO) asked me to pitch Medics.Academy at the PWC Scale Health launch event. The PWC Scale programme takes high-growth businesses and helps them scale more effectively. When I was asked to pitch at the launch event, a large part of me wanted to say ‘No!’ – the thought was terrifying! In the interests of pushing myself and self-development, I agreed to do it – and I am really I glad I did. It was an exhilarating experience that has taught me a lot: the importance of clear messages, how to reassure an audience, and how to adapt presentations to engage them.

The evening also provided the opportunity to connect with – and learn from – the wealth of experience in the room. It was inspiring to hear other companies’ pitches – I think it is safe to say that there are plans afoot to improve most aspects of healthcare:

Ampersand – developing the next generation of digital therapeutics for patients with long-term conditions.

Cinapsis – an all-in-one referral system to ensure patients are seen at the right time by the right people.

Infinity Health – an online task and patient management system.

Transforming Systems – enabling health organisations to gather real-time data, providing greater visibility and greater potential to respond intelligently.

Lantum – matching doctors availability to shifts, whilst saving them time on paperwork.

Lexihealth – independent health concierge services.

Perfect Ward – an App to make audits and ward inspections more streamlined.

Test Card – a medtech company creating postcards with embedded lab tests.

As a doctor who works in a busy (and very understaffed!) A&E department, Lantum’s solutions to hospital staffing particularly resonated with me – the ability to fill currently unfilled shifts is invaluable. My interest in quality improvement also makes me very excited to see where ‘Transforming Systems’ takes us.

What it Means to Benefit from PWC’s Network of Expertise

The Scale Health programme supports, educates and connects these high-growth companies with PWCs extensive network of organisations. Medics.Academy has joined the programme so our team of health professionals, product specialists and engineers can learn from PWC’s network of business expertise.

Medics.Academy is at the stage where we will benefit tremendously from PWC’s expert advice about how to scale effectively and develop our team. We specifically wanted to join the PWC programme because their expertise in these areas is second to none – we have already been very impressed with the skills demonstrated, and the resources offered, by PWC’s Dan and Antigone.

Bringing PWC’s Training to the NHS

Through the Scale Health programme, I will learn more about health organisations and industries, as well as leadership. But – perhaps most importantly – I want to learn how to effectively develop and adapt to meet current NHS demands and challenges. These skills will help me not just in my role at Medics.Academy but also in my role in the NHS as an A&E doctor and Quality Improvement Fellow. We need to find new solutions to the ‘same old problems’ in the NHS – and to do this we need to learn from other organisations and industries. I am confident that PWC’s Scale Health programme will make me better able to effect change within the NHS – change that will benefit patients and staff.

PWC’s Dan and Antigone have made the experience very easy thus far. We are excited to see how our journey together progresses!


Dr Emma Cox is the Quality Improvement and Emergency Medicine Fellow at Barnet Hospital, Royal Free Trust and the Senior Clinical Product Manager at Medics.Academy.Throughout her career, she has worked to improve access to education and hopes to continue that mission through her work at Medics.Academy.

You can find her on Linkedin.


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