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Oliver Johnson: The Importance of Strong Local Partnerships During the Ebola Outbreak

In 2013, the King’s Sierra Leone Partnership was established to help build the capacity of the health institutions in Sierra Leone. However, with the sudden outbreak of ebola spreading fast across the nation, Dr Oliver Johnson and his team came together to help the country manage this crisis. In this podcast, Johnson discusses his experiences and his lessons learned whilst working with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to curtail the outbreak.

Key points from this episode

  1. 00:25 The Initial Aim of the King’s Sierra Leone Partnership

  2. 02:40 Defining the Partnership to Support the National Health System

  3. 03:25 Joint Response to Ebola

  4. 04:30 Challenges and Difficult Decisions During the Ebola Crisis

  5. 07:50 5 Key Lessons Learnt

  6. 12:35 Conclusion: Supporting the People


Download and listen on your favourite platform:

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