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Panel Discussion Between Sir Eldryd Parry and Lord Nigel Crisp (the end of THET Conference 2018)

Enjoy this discussion between the founder of THET, Professor Sir Eldryd Parry, and their inaugural patron, Lord Nigel Crisp. Their conversation flowed between how Sir Parry launched THET, to the changing of attitudes toward Global Health, to how support is garnered in politics, to many fascinating stories from the front lines.

Key points from this episode

  1. 01:23 Why Sir Eldryd Parry founded THET

  2. 05:05 How Eldryd first got UK doctors involved

  3. 07:20 The steady growth of interest in global health

  4. 11:00 The importance of seeing healthcare challenges from both sides

  5. 15:30 Don’t come in with your own ideas. Listen!

  6. 21:30 Should global health be taught to every medic?

  7. 24:00 Top successes of THET

  8. 26:00 The coming shift in fundamental approach, from the head to the heart


Download and listen on your favourite platform:

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